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Dead White Mens Clothes, short DWMC, is a hybrid. It is an art project, a platform and a clothing brand. The origin of the label’s name lies in the Ghanaian term “Obroni Wawu” which can be translated to “DEAD WHITE MEN’S CLOTHES”. When first waves of second-hand clothes arrived from “the west“ in the 70’s the locals could not believe that such high- quality clothing could just be given away for free, so they assumed that the previous owner must have died.

In 2017 when the project started Jojo Gronostay made a clothing collection out of used clothes from the Kantamanto Market in Accra Ghana and brought them back into the “western“ context. The Kantamanto Market is among the biggest collection points for used clothes worldwide. DWMC addresses questions about our value system, neo-colonialism and identity.

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