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MAGIC CANNOT CROSS THE SEA is a five-channel video installation created in collaboration with creatives associated with Atelier Sahm in Congo Brazza- ville. The videos feature sapeurs, dandies on the streets of Brazzaville, and clothing from museum archives of „western“ museums.

The installation is accompanied by a 26-minute sound track. The work was produced for the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Camera: Divana Cate
Music: Sofie Fatouretchi
Production: Darnièlys Armel Mboumba Madingou
Performer/Sapeur: Christian Benabio, Mathy Kass, Likibi Yolande, Nganga Prince, Chris Bitsindou Special thanks: Bill Kouliany, Les Atelies Sahm

Photo: Kunstdokumentation

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